War On Want

24 03 2008

As promised, here is the second instalment of my blog that profiles charities and companies that have been created, in order to combat many of the issues mentioned in my previous blog posts.The organisation that I will be focusing on this time is one that I have already spoken about, War On Want.

What Is War On Want?

War On Want is an organisation whose main aim is to fight global poverty. They define poverty in many different ways and emphasise that being poor does not mean that one just doesn’t lack having money. They also define poverty as:

* Having a lack of access to land, food, water, healthcare and education
* Having your security, dignity, choice and freedom constantly undermined.
* Having a lack of control over your life.

When Was War On Want Set Up And Why?

In February 1951 Victor Gollancz sent a letter to The Guardian newspaper calling for the end to the Korean war. He also suggested that an international fund should be created, in order “to turn swords into ploughshares.”

In order to see how many people were in support of his idea, he asked those who agreed to send a postcard to him with the word ‘Yes’ on – Gollancz received 5,000 replies!

Following this, The Association for World Peace was formed in March 1951. In May 1951 the organisation invited Harold Wilson to chair a committee and write a pamphlet entitled War on Want – a Plan for World Development. The pamphlet was published on June 09, 1952 and saw the creation of War On Want!

(Copyright: War On Want)

What Does War On Want Do?

War On Want campaign on a national and international level, in order to expose the politics behind poverty.

Wherever possible they involve the people affected by such politics in their campaigns and this can be seen in many ways, especially through the information packs that they release that I have used for some of the posts on this blog. They believe that through voicing the views of the people affected those who have the power to implement change at a national and international level will have no excuse not too.

Lastly, War On Want do not provide things – they don’t dig wells, build dams or give out inoculations. They believe that the best way to fight poverty is for ordinary people to become capable of defining their own rights and interests. This may sound harsh, however War On Want establish long-term partnerships with others who are fighting to combat poverty, in order to allow people to define their own rights and interests.

What Do War On Want Believe In?

Like The Ethical Trading Initiative, War On Want believe in key principles which shape the way in which the work and act. These principles include:

* The greed of a powerful minority not only keeps people poor, but also makes people poor too.
* Natural disasters shouldn’t lead to misery.
* There are more than enough resources in the world for everyone to live reasonably comfortably.
* Poverty can be ended and must be as soon as possible.
* We all have a duty to speak out against these injustices and stand alongside those who suffer as a result of it.

How Can I Find Out Additional Information?

To find out more about War On Want simply visit their website by clicking here.




5 responses

24 03 2008

hey cool blog
i was wondering if you had written about the recent scandal involving banana republic? they apparently have also been exploiting workers in india
check out the evening standards website you can find out more about it
it would be a good edition to the blog

24 03 2008

Thanks for the tip Meliha, I will be sure to check it out! 🙂

28 03 2008

I wonder a few things…

Are things like communism and socialism such bad things after all? If they mean equal pay for everyone instead of people suffering in poverty due to the greed of corrupt corporations in a capitalistic society?

And also, are there really enough resources for everyone in the world to live comfortably? I mean, the planet is overpopulated, and it just keeps getting more so. I know this will probably sound harsh, but should people who don’t have a better life and have no real prospects for that to change and don’t really have anything to offer children have kids in the first place? They’re basically bringing them into a world that’s just going to suck the life out of them and make them so depressed that they’d probably end up contemplating suicide or even doing it… It’s sort of like if you have to be a “responsible” person and not get pregnant when you’re a teenager, then shouldn’t the same rule apply when you’re older, for example you shouldn’t have kids if you can’t afford them? And then it becomes society’s problem…I really don’t know, it feels like a vicious cycle. I think things would be better if society was more caring towards everyone and willing and wanting to help those who are less fortunate. Because even though you might have everything in the world to offer your kid one day, you might not the next…which brings me back to is a communistic or socialistic government really so bad?

29 03 2008

War on Want definitely has the right idea for the long term.

29 03 2008

I think it would be a good thing to want less, or at least buy the things that you really need and make sure that you’re purchasing from manufacturers that practice fair and ethical working conditions.

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