Words and Pictures

3 03 2008

Words, most of the time, are a great way to inform, explain and describe certain pieces of information to an audience, however sometimes words are not enough. Words like this, no matter how strong the subject matter is, can make people feel like they are merely reading a story; opposed to reading about real-life issues and because of this I feel the need to use a video.

The following video clip is courtesy of War On Want and is entitled Corporate Accountability: The People Who Make Your Clothes. To view the video clip, simply press the ‘Play’ button below: 

The key points from the video clip, I feel, are as followed:

* Even though Bangladesh is the location of the video, similar scenes are happening across the globe.

* 80 hours of work for as little as £6.50 is normal for each worker per week.

* Workers are often locked into the factory and forced to do many hours of unpaid overtime.

* No sick pay or holiday pay is often given to the workers.

* Living conditions are unsanitary, due to the lack of running water or electricity.

This video clip certainly provides visual insight into the lives of all those workers that are being exploited to make clothes for us to wear. I personally feel that from this video clip, one must consider that War On Want is an active organisation that is seeking reform to the way sweatshop workers are treated. They are certainly not afraid of tackling the issue ‘head on’ and this can be seen by them sending a representatives to visit Bangladesh to interview the sweatshop workers to make us, the general public, aware of the problem.




2 responses

4 03 2008

this is really shocking – I know that we are all told it is going on but when you see something like that it makes it real!!
I can’t believe anyone would be so cruel as to actually lock people into a factory thats just horrible!!

29 03 2008

I can’t imagine having to live like this. It’s inhumane.

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