Welcome To My Blog!

26 02 2008

Hello Everyone.

My name is Stefan Marseglia and I am currently an undergraduate student at City University, London, reading Journalism and Sociology.

For part of my Internet Production class, I have been asked to devise a blog, in regards to a subject that I feel passionate about.

I must admit that basing my blog around sweatshops and how Westerners seem to turn a blind eye from this solely to purchase clothes at cheap, cheap prices wasn’t the first subject that came to mind when I was thinking about creating a blog.

However from having two similar conversations with two different sets of people in the past week alone, I feel, has made me choose this subject to talk about.

The first conversation took place at Oxford Street on Wednesday February 20, 2008, with a man from the Red Cross, while my friend and I were out shopping. After discussing the aims of the Red Cross, we started to talk about cheap labour and how some companies use cheap labour as well as child labour in other countries such as Bangladesh, so that we, as a Western nation, can enjoy cheap clothes at cheap prices (looking back at this, I imagine that the Red Cross man was referring to Primark, due to my friend having just come out of there with a massive Primark bag).

The second conversation occured on Tuesday February 26, 2008, with some of my friends who are on the same course as me. We were discussing jobs and how the pay-rates of some jobs in England are disgraceful, due to employees only being paid the minimum wage or even below it. After one of my friends made this comment, someone – who seemed to be listening to our conversation – decided to give us their two cents worth and told us that we should consider ourselves lucky, as we were not being exploited like some people are, due to working in sweatshops.

It certainly felt like I had completed a puzzle once I had heard this remark, since joining these two conversation puzzle pieces together has formed the basis of this blog!

Now, I must admit (yet again) that I am no expert on the subject of sweatshops and how companies use cheap labour to exploit people, however I hope that by doing this blog I will be able to gain knowledge on the subject, and with you reading it and sending in your own comments, we will all be able to become more well-informed.